THE END IS NEAR!! It might be a good idea to write every day until then…

Evidently the end is near. You should get going on the book.

Some people say the ancient Mayan calendar predicts a 2012 end to the world. That’s not so far off anymore. I’m fairly certain you don’t want to be caught at the apocalypse with your novel, screenplay, poetry collection or memoir only half done.

It’s time to write daily. You’ve resisted this for years, but with the big bang bearing down on us now, the price of procrastination may be higher than you thought.

Writing daily could mean Monday through Friday, if you need a couple of days off each week to take care of your affairs. A seven-day schedule can also work if your life is not already out of balance from overworking. Writing at the same time each day helps to strengthen the habit. This is impossible for many writers, but you can strive to make the weekly routine as consistent as possible.

One advantage of a regular schedule is that it eliminates the repeated process of deciding when to write. Each time you have to make a decision about writing, it increases the likelihood that you will decide not to do it. In addition, the more regularly you write, the less dreadful it feels to face it each day. To the extent that you generate new, positive associations with writing through regular practice, you reinforce your efforts.

I have met many writers who hate scheduling their writing and refuse to do it – even when apocalypses are looming. Some believe that working with a schedule is a worthy idea, but they have never been able to stick to one. Scheduling writing is not the only way to become more productive, but I have seen it produce powerful results for those blocked writers who found a way to move in this direction.

A big deadline is coming. Write daily. Write daily. Write daily – even if it’s only for a few minutes each time. If believing the Mayan prophecy helps you produce, use it. And then, if somehow we are spared from annihilation, that’s OK too because there will be some people around to buy your book.

About David Rasch

Author, psychologist, speaker, teacher, consultant, workshop leader
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