Bird by Bird is the Word

Anne Lamott

Anne Lamott’s book, Bird by Bird, is a wonderful instruction book about writing that’s worth reading even if you aren’t having problems. It’s truly funny, which is important for anyone who feels demoralized or overwhelmed by the challenges of writing.

Lamott is honest and self-revealing about her own vulnerabilities, resentments, hopelessness, and passion for the writing life, and she has a gift for facing and hilariously exploring the dark side of her relationship with her art, while still offering a sense of direction and hope.

The book addresses issues of craft, style, motivation, personal psychology, using support, dealing with criticism, and publication. Lamott leans in to the emotional and ego challenges inherent in pursuing the way of the word, and you may find out the book has a broader relevance to your life than just the writing part.

Bird by Bird is a combination of stories, musings, memoir, advice, and stand up comedy that is a joy to read. It’ll be hard not to feel a renewed sense of optimism and energy for your writing by the time you finish the final chapter.

Check it out.

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