Rise up and occupy the Wall St. of your writing mind

photo by Andrew Shiue

The 99% feel oppressed and they are rising up and occupying space all over the world, in protest against corporations and governments that are overly restrictive and controlling. It is a recurring cycle in mankind’s history, and a dynamic that blocked writers can learn from when confronting the Wall St.’s of their own minds. The Wall St of your mind is the inner program that shuts your down, prevents access to your creative riches, tries to silence you and enforces compliance with that staus quo. It is the super-ego, the boss man, the controlling critic and the power that induces fear of retribution. It is all the self-critical, self condemning, frightening and demoralizing thoughts that disembowel your confidence and self-esteem as you try to express your words. Sometimes you have to challenge the inner demigods, CEO’s and dictators that strive to undermine your every forward step. These inner programs are the 1%, and they take up more than their share of space in your psyche. It’s time to redistribute the wealth more equitably. It is your First Amendment right to have access to your freedom of expression. Occupy that space – fill it up with pages of your ideas, inspirations, playfulness, insights, humor, knowledge, arguments and stories. Allow your frustration to serve you by using that emotional energy as fuel for advancing the cause of your writing. It takes energy, courage and determination to take your protest into the face of “the man.” There might be some tear gas and police to contend with, but after the tears and jail time, you can return to the street and once again write something, right under their noses. Take that, you foul, unfeeling forces of literary oppression! Blocked and procrastinating writers of the world, rise up and occupy the Wall St. of your own mind! Take your power back – Write on!

About David Rasch

Author, psychologist, speaker, teacher, consultant, workshop leader
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One Response to Rise up and occupy the Wall St. of your writing mind

  1. ixchel leigh says:

    Thanks David, well expressed. No “Wall St.” blocking your creativity!

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