Writing with vigor, then stumbling…it’s humbling

Writing is a fierce stallion that can easily throw you off

Last January I set out to write a blog post every day for 6 months. With the exception of a couple of minor slips, I pretty much accomplished this. That’s about 180 posts of approximately 400 words per post, or about 72,000 words in a half a year. For me this was none too shabby of an accomplishment, and the writing was usually enjoyable too.

After reaching that dizzying pinnacle of success I experienced a significant work slow-down. I did not make a new goal after attaining my first goal. This is a trap I warn writers about and I fell into it myself.  I was a bit burned out of daily writing about writing and not-writing, and my pace slacked off. A lot. Physician heal thyself!

I established a web presence for my work, and there is an ongoing stream of daily traffic on my site, but my blog is not an exploding, viral internet phenomenon. Maybe if it was I would feel motivated to get back to daily writing on it. Maybe not.

The truth was I needed to shift my writing priorities. I set a goal of 2-3 blogs per week, to keep my hand in the game, and added in a routine of working on my other writing interests. I’ve now added time for song-writing and polishing some fiction pieces that are laying about. Also working with my attorney daughter on an article about writing blocks and lawyers.

Now I’m revved up and getting back in the game. The ideas are swirling and my motivation level is rising. And look: I’m even writing a blog post!

The easiest thing for a writer to do is to stumble, fall, slither, or careen off the horse and lie motionless in the humbling dust of avoidance. This time, a shift in emphasis and the generation of interesting new projects helped me stand back up, dust off my chaps and laptop, and remount the beast.



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4 Responses to Writing with vigor, then stumbling…it’s humbling

  1. A refreshing tonic to my writing game.
    I happened to fall off the horse with my Daily writing for the Stanford Class and have laid
    in the mist. I started my daily writing today but was interrupted. However, now I’m encouraged to go back and work on my Daily Writing for the day.

    Your plans all sound like good ones, and a nice way to shift and shake up the creativity flow.
    Thank you for telling us how it is with you right now.
    Carolyn Kennedy

  2. Fakewomen says:

    But Dave , you don’t like horseback riding.
    My goal is to write a comment on all your blogs if I feel like it.

  3. ckennedy says:

    Wait a minute. A book about writing block and lawyers? You mean we can sue somebody for our writer’s block? Where do I sign up?

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