The Brigitte Bardot writing block cure.

Bardot was a 'blockbuster' but "The Vixen" wasn't

While I sometimes flatter myself by thinking I’m fairly accomplished when it comes to resolving writing blocks, the movie The Vixen was a humbling reminder of the limits of my capabilities. As I watched The Vixen (also known as Les Femmes) last night, it dawned on me painfully that Brigitte Bardot was far more effective at unblocking writers than I am.

To watch the film you have to be able to swallow that somehow someone who looks like Brigitte Bardot could possibly have been an unemployed typist responding to a classified ad. And you also have to accept that the writer placing the ad, Jerome, required in his contract that the typist must also be his lover.

Then you have to suspend reason enough to believe that after Brigitte (who is in love with someone else) goes on an extensive rant about how insulted she is that she is expected to be a slut and a whore, she would immediately sign the contract without hesitating, and get on a train with Jerome.

OK, so much for reality. Brigitte takes dictation from Jerome on a train ride, and through numerous powerful interventions that defied both explication and cinematic censors, she gets him writing again, after a three year drought, before they pull into the next station.

There’s no way I could ever facilitate such monumental change that fast – on a single train ride! Brigitte makes it look easy, which is a testament to her profound grasp of Jerome’s artistic mind, and her numerous grasps of his body.

Yes, of course, they eventually fall in love. I won’t spoil the ending except to say that Jerome’s book is complete by the final credits.

Perhaps only once in a generation does a talent emerge that is so revolutionary and astounding that it cannot be understood or explained within the existing paradigms of the discipline, and Brigitte Bardot is that and more to the world of writing block treatment.

I recommend you check The Vixen out, but only after you’ve written for fifteen minutes first.


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