One of ‘the help’ and a helpee help each other to become writers in “The Help”

Emma Stone has 'the help' help her write "The Help" and this helps them both become writers.

Sooner or later, everyone needs a little help, and would-be writers are no exception. The movie “The Help” addresses a number of issues connected with race, class, gender and family, but it’s also a good portrayal of how two aspiring writers help each other gain confidence to pursue their literary dreams.

Emma Stone is “Skeeter”, a young college graduate who passionately wants to be a writer, but lives within a culture that doesn’t understand or support her dream. She befriends the much less educated black maid, ‘Aibileen” (portrayed by Viola Davis) in hopes of writing a book about the experiences of black maids in Jackson Mississippi in the 1960’s.

Both characters face the challenges of proceeding with writing with while feeling uncertain, doubtful, unsupported, frightened and inexperienced. These are the types of challenges that cause writing blocks and avoidance. New writers have the added challenge of needing to proceed without having a writing history to rely on for reassurance when things get tough.

Neither Skeeter or Aibileen have any real experience with writing, but they eventually collaborate and produce a book that is accepted for publication and widely read. Each of them have been cherishing hopes of becoming a writer, and they help each other find a way to bring out their talent, despite considerable obstacles.

By the end of the movie Skeeter has landed a job with a big publisher in New York City, and Aibileen decides to devote herself to writing and stop working as a maid. They did it.

Get “The Help” you need and do it yourself.

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