Young Adults: what can a drunken Charlize Theron tell us about about the challenges of the writer’s life?

Charlize is way better looking than most of us writers, but her life is a train wreck in "Young Adults."

OK, here we have another movie with a writer protagonist who is behind schedule on her book and struggling with an industrial-sized  buffet of personal problems. The burning question for the viewer is: will she solve her problems and finish the book in the next 90 minutes?

I know that movies are written by writers and that writers are supposed to write about what they know, which is writing, so of course they frequently write about writers, and in this surreptitious way manage to get themselves into the movie based on their screenplay about a writer. I don’t blame them for this, for if there is one redeeming thing about the scourge of writing dysfluency, it is that a block is a very potent plot device.

Charlize Theron is nothing if not appealing, though she very nearly defies that description in this role where she portrays an immature, slovenly, unhealthy, alcoholic, delusional, blocked, narcissistic, promiscuous, divorcee stalker who ghost writes a young adult book series. In her deluded and whiskey-soaked cranium she becomes convinced that hooking up with her ex-boyfriend, who is happily married in a small town in Minnesota, will give her the happy life that has thus far eluded her.

I’m not sure what the serious student of writing blocks will take home from this flic. Somehow her multiple, mortifying mis-adventures stoke up her literary furnaces and help her pump out the final book in the series, though it isn’t clear exactly how.

For the record, I do not recommend the Charlize Theron “whiskey and humiliation”method of overcoming procrastination. It seems very arduous. There are other paths one can take to affect a cure, but they take more than 90 minutes to work. Such as doing a little bit of writing every day – preferably sober.

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3 Responses to Young Adults: what can a drunken Charlize Theron tell us about about the challenges of the writer’s life?

  1. Thanks for the movie review and a great laugh at the end.

  2. Fakewomen says:


  3. ixchel leigh says:

    Charlize is brilliant and is your review! You can look
    into moonlighting as a movie reviewer writer!

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