Nature Abhors a Vacuum…Is This Why Writing Blocks Suck?

Nature abhors this.

If we are to believe Greek scientist Parmenides who posited the theory horror vacui  (nature abhors a vacuum) in 485 BC, then, ergo, nature must also dislike a writing block, which is a word vacuum. This is good news.

It’s good news because surrounding every writing block is a dynamic universe of pressure and energy that wants to fill that empty page. A thick atmosphere teeming with words is seeking any and all cracks in the block’s vacuum seal, and champing at the bit to rush in and fill the void. Loosen the seal and the block will suck in volumes of life-giving words with relish.

In most cases, productivity problems for writers do not occur from lack something to say. The good thoughts are there, orbiting patiently, waiting for their opportunity to land. Other issues have formed like a crust, sealing off the natural flow of words, suffocating the page. These accretions may be non-productive thought patterns, emotional triggers, bad habits, educational deficiencies, interpersonal stress, health issues, neurological challenges or time management problems.

When my vacuum cleaner clogs up I turn it upside down and study the inner workings. Once the blockage is located and removed, it’s back to sucking up particles in no time, because nature abhors the vacuum inside the machine.

A writer usually knows when nature is abhorring a word vacuum. The urge to create makes itself known, and if we deny it we pay a price with our health or peace of mind.

Study the problem, crack the seal, suck in the oxygen and let your writing start breathing again. It’s natural.

About David Rasch

Author, psychologist, speaker, teacher, consultant, workshop leader
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1 Response to Nature Abhors a Vacuum…Is This Why Writing Blocks Suck?

  1. Fakewomen says:

    Nature loves dirt

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