PhD writing block blog posts

Many graduate student Internet surfers find this blog when they enter search terms related to working on their PhD and dissertation. I know there is a lot of pain and anguish that goes into completing a doctoral program, and several of my previous posts have addressed these challenges. For ease of use, here is a list of links you may find useful if you’re seeking advice on improving writing productivity as you press on toward graduation. At the very least, reading this list will give you a meaningful way to pass the time while you are screwing up your courage to face the beast.

PhD Procrastinator: Part 1 – The 10 Step Cycle of Doom:  

PhD Procrastinator: Part 2 – What Would Yoda Do?: 

Flogging a dead horse: writing hard but never reaching the happy trails… 

When the PhD dissertation goes on forever……… 

Drop off the lab key, Lee: Fifty Ways to Leave a PhD Advisor: 

PhD advisor problems and the dissertation:

Does your imagined audience hinder you from writing? 

Completing the PhD: Thesis Stasis Cases:   

When PhD = Procrastinating a Hellish Dissertation

And for comic relief…check out:

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