Czech supermodel annihilates Magnum PI’s gnarly writer’s block in “Her Alibi”

Tom Selleck’s writing block never had a chance

In certain rare instances, an intractable, pernicious writing block that torments a writer is actually serving a greater good. Like sparing the reading nation from enduring additional books from an author who might better have left them unwritten. Tom Selleck plays such writer in Her Alibi. 

Unfortunately, by this movie’s end, he has written another awful whodunnit, and international ubermodel Paulina Porizkova is to blame.

Tom Selleck’s character wrote a string of  sleazy murder mystery novels, but ran out of ideas four years ago. His editor is anxious about his own livelihood and urging him to produce, but to no avail. Tom decides to go to the courthouse to get ideas, and there he meets Paulina, who stands accused of a murder.

The next thing you know he has brought Paulina to his home where she throws hunting knives into roaches, eludes gangsters by bouncing on trampolines and shoots Tom in the rear end with a hunting arrow. (One can’t be certain she was intending to shoot an ass, but in this case she most certainly did.) Add in a group of incompetent Romanian secret service thugs who blow up houses and… Voila! Lots of great ideas for his next book!

It turns out that Paulina is Romanian circus performer who defects to America. (And while we’re on this topic of defects, may I say that the dialogue in this movie comes to mind?) All ends violently yet well at a clown carnival, with love blooming and a book finally written.

Despite the presence of a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition 1987 & 1988 cover girl in the credits, it would be far better use of your time to sit down for the 84 minutes you might have spent watching this film, crack open the laptop and tap out a few humble words of your own. Trust me on this.

Magnum PU.


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1 Response to Czech supermodel annihilates Magnum PI’s gnarly writer’s block in “Her Alibi”

  1. Fakewomen says:

    Your brother once did a cancelled TV series with Tom , soooo…….Gotta love um. It’s going on my instant Q.

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