The terrible cry of the blocked writer

“I can only write when deadlines have passed and I feel like there is a gun to my head. Even then it takes enormous effort to make myself do it, and I can only write in intense, long binges where I neglect everything else in my life. Afterwards I feel completely drained. I hate writing.”


“I have too many other commitments to find time to write. I know my publishing record will be the single most important factor in my tenure review, but somehow I lose sight of that because I feel overwhelmed with the demands of teaching and other administrative tasks. Maybe it’s a way of avoiding writing.”


“I’ve been working on the book forever, but I don’t seem any closer to the end. I spend hours in the library and I’m always discovering more books I need to read before I can feel confident about what I’m writing. I’ve rewritten my first chapter so many times I’ve lost track of why I even began writing this book.”

About David Rasch

Author, psychologist, speaker, teacher, consultant, workshop leader
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  1. Fakewomen says:

    BOOWHO wrote those quotes ! ?

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