House Training the Writer Within

Each time you put off working on your article, poem, or novel, you create a moment of relief for yourself. It feels good to procrastinate because (for a while, anyway) you don’t have to face the many challenges that writing presents. Unfortunately, this works like house-training a new puppy by giving him a biscuit when he pees on the rug instead of on the paper. There is an experience of some immediate, welcome relief but what follows is a mess you have to clean up later.

Procrastination operates like a heroin addiction: it fixes our immediate discomfort whileleading us into hell. If your bad habits have been long-standing, then you are probably not fully aware of the mechanisms that control your behavior.

The first step is to study your writing habits as specifically and objectively as possible, with a spirit of curiosity and self-forgiveness. Remember, some part of you will experience efforts to increase productivity as threatening, aggravating, or an imposition.


About David Rasch

Author, psychologist, speaker, teacher, consultant, workshop leader
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