Writing Binges and Blocking

When an important deadline bears down upon you, the fear of not meeting the deadline surpasses the dread of writing, and the previously procrastinating writer is rudely wrenched away from the hot baths, naps and web surfing that characterized his or her recent fallow period, and is plunged headlong into a grueling time warp involving several hours or days of monomaniacal writing production.

Binges are physiologically sustained by the adrenaline surge that fear inspires, and occasionally by the ingestion of various other chemical stimulants – coffee being the most legal of them.

A successful writing binge can experienced as a vivid, wild, endurance test that generates within the writer that perverse pridethat comes from pulling off a miracle victory when doom appeared to be certain. “I beat the odds again!” If this works for you, and it does for many, why bother doing it any other way?

If you are a binge writer who is not so happy either about going through the binge/procrastination cycle process, or is less than pleased about the quality of the final product produced this way, you could consider alternatives. Many binge writers have resistance to writing because their experience with writing this way is aversive and unsatisfying. In addition, there is frequently a post-binge period of non-productive recovery and remorse that precludes the establishment of a daily writing regime.

A start to working on this problem is to do a little bit of writing every day. A little bit.  The final crunch will be less crunchy this way.

About David Rasch

Author, psychologist, speaker, teacher, consultant, workshop leader
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