Psychosomatic Symptoms and Writing

Sometimes the desire to write is strong, but the body won’t cooperate.  Psychosomatic blocks interfere with the writing process when unconscious psychological conflicts manifest as physical symptoms that prevent writing.

Michael Douglas is a frequently stoned, dissolute English professor who struggles with fainting spells in the movie, The Wonder Boys .  He passes out repeatedly as he tries to complete a second novel after achieving a major success with his first. This is a funny, excellent film that revolves around the writers and writing process, and I recommend it to blocked writers.

When Douglas is finally forced to face the reality of the many problems in his life and work, his spells disappear.

I have worked with blocked writers who experience headaches, panic attacks, dramatic  loss of energy, hand cramps, and sleepiness when they try to write. It is not usually obvious why these symptoms emerge, but typically there is an underlying conflict about writing that needs to be identified and resolved.

About David Rasch

Author, psychologist, speaker, teacher, consultant, workshop leader
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