Drawing a Blank? You’ve Got EPET (Empty Page Emotional Turmoil)

Empty pages. Do you hear these pages taunting and ridiculing you? Do they oppress or torture you. Do they make you cry or scream in frustration? Do they terrorize and demoralize you?

If you feel these things, the good news is that empty pages are not able to do any of these nasty things to you. They’re just empty pages, and quite benign. The bad news is that your writing mind is besieged by EPET (Empty Page Emotional Turmoil) and that’s not good.

EPET is a killer – it murders writing productivity. One symptom of this syndrome is that you draw a blank when faced with the task of bringing out your words. Drawing a blank does not mean you have nothing to say. Far from it. It means youdon’t have access to what you have to say because your mind has fallen into the paralyzing clutches of fear, overwhelm or resentment, and you can’t think clearly.

You may have to fight for your writing life. Your words are your ammo. The blank page or screen does not mean you have lost your intelligence, creativity, knowledge or sense of humor. All of your talents are alive and awaiting expression. Face your EPET demons courageously and let words come forth – any words. Don’t judge them, let them start to flow. You can bend them into shape later.

When drawing a blank, the goal and the path are one. Write more.

About David Rasch

Author, psychologist, speaker, teacher, consultant, workshop leader
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