The Puppy Principles: # 6 – 10. And the Barking Cure.

Imagine, again (see yesterday’s post), that the part of you that wants to write is an adorable, excited, energetic little puppy. A puppy that is totally dependent upon you to keep him happy, well fed, and healthy. Here are some more guidelines for caring for your writing puppy.

6. Housebreaking your puppy will be a gradual process: do not give the puppy a biscuit when he pees on the rug.

7. If you ignore your puppy all day, he might keep you awake at night or chew up your slippers.

8. Protect your puppy from harm.

9. Remember that your puppy likes to play with other puppies.

10. Play with your puppy, enjoy your puppy, love your puppy.


Wanda Sue Parrot, a writer friend, told me that her remedy for writing blocks is to bark loudly. Evidently this allows access to lively parts of the brain that our civilized psyches can’t easily access. Worth a try.


About David Rasch

Author, psychologist, speaker, teacher, consultant, workshop leader
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