The Path is the Goal is the Path is the Goal: Write Daily

An oft prescribed cure for writer’s block is to write every day. It might  seem strange, and possibly stupid, to tell a blocked writer to do the very thing he or she cannot do, and call that a remedy. Would we try to heal someone who just broke a leg by telling them to run a mile?

No, we wouldn’t. But we might tell them to take a step or two on crutches each day to begin to strengthen the muscles. And as the break in the bone knitted together again, we’d recommend placing increasing weight on the leg until, eventually, a mile run would seem natural, and possibly enjoyable.

The cure for not-doing is to do. It is easier to begin ‘doing’ if the challenge is not too drastic. Little steps or awkward limps down the path are a fine way to start. Once you’ve begun writing a little bit each day, your brain wakes up and before you know it, you have realized your goal: to write every day.

About David Rasch

Author, psychologist, speaker, teacher, consultant, workshop leader
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