Writing and Sacrifice

To fully embrace writing, you have to make peace with the sacrifices involved. There is a price to pay and reluctance to accepting this reality can inhibit your productivity.

First of all, to do it properly, you have to dedicate time to writing. You have to give up a percentage of other activities (or non-activities) to give writing the time it needs.

Every day you can choose to write or not. When you chose to write, you may have to sacrifice, for at least a while, having fun with friends, sleeping, money-making, hikes through nature on a sunny day, reading,  movie watching, beer-making, beer drinking, gourmet cooking, skiing, gardening, house cleaning, motorcycle trips, staring at a wall, mowing the lawn or making love. To name only a few.

If you have a lot of internal conflict about the sacrifices you have to make for your writing, you may experience ambivalence, procrastination, avoidance and resentment. You may need to make a deeper commitment to writing  for it to actually happen, and this means consciously giving up something you don’t want to give up. It might even mean giving up unhappiness, which is a lot to ask of anyone.

Would you rather sacrifice your writing, or an episode of Game of Thrones? There is mourning either way.

About David Rasch

Author, psychologist, speaker, teacher, consultant, workshop leader
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