Writer’s Block, Shame and Lying

Pinnochio came from a block of wood, and he wanted to be a real boy, but he had a problem with lying. If you want to be a real writer, but you’re blocked, this might be an issue for you as well.

If good bit of time passes with not enough to show for it, shame and self-loathing worm their way into your psyche. If you are asked about your writing, it feels too embarrassing to tell the truth, so you hedge a bit, or maybe a lot. You tell your friends, teachers, colleagues, or significant others that you are making progress, even though you really aren’t.

You may also delude yourself that the situation is different than it really is. At this point you feel badly about both your inability to write and the fact that you are deceiving others. More bad feelings now become associated with writing, making it just that much more onerous to sit down and face the monster.

In addition, you are now carrying the fear that some of the people you lied to will find out the truth, resulting in the possibility of humiliation and relationship damage. You become more isolated and wonder how you will ever get out of your predicament. Your stress level rises.

If this description rings true for you, you owe it to your writing to find a safe place to begin discussing your writing process – a writing club, group, therapist, colleague or cricket will do. A little bit of human support and understanding helps cut the shame and open the door to a renewed connection and vigor for your passion.

You are a real writer.

About David Rasch

Author, psychologist, speaker, teacher, consultant, workshop leader
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