My micro-nano story writing practice just became a book

What began as a strategy to sustain writing became a book recently. A couple of years ago, to keep myself writing, I gave myself the challenge to write a a hundred and one 101-word stories within a year. This was harder than I thought it would be because of the demand on the imagination to generate so many story ideas and then beat them down into 101 words, day after day. Somehow I was drawn in by this challenge and made time almost every day to work on them. My productivity rose because I enjoyed the writing.

I took a bit more than a year, but ended up writing 160 stories. After reading some of them at open mics and my writer’s club meeting, and then entering (and winning) some flash fiction contests, I decided to winnow the group down to 101 of the best, and make a book. The final piece was asking my nephew, Jason Cirimele, to make illustrations of several of the stories – one for every page.

I had the book published with the expert help of Patricia Hamilton of Park Place Publications and, Voila! Short Hot Flashes was born – an illustrated collection of a hundred and one 101 word stories. Available now at an Amazon near you!

About David Rasch

Author, psychologist, speaker, teacher, consultant, workshop leader
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2 Responses to My micro-nano story writing practice just became a book

  1. Carolyn Kennedy says:

    Congratulations! I look forward to reading it.

  2. ixchel leigh says:

    Congratulations!!! A wonderful feat to be acknowledged.

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