The heartbreak of TGSWD: Tile Grout Scrubbing Writing Dysfluency.

This bathroom will provide several days of writing relief to its owner

If your bathroom is too clean and shiny, you may be suffering from the heartbreak of  TGSWD – Tile Grout Scrubbing Writing Dysfluency.

Avoiding is not always an idle, languid, lazy state of daydreaming, watching TV, and eating cookies on the couch. For many writers, avoidance is best conducted and sustained in the guise of doing an onerous household chore.

I suspect that if you feel a touch of guilt about blowing off your writing time, serving penance through grout scrubbing or toilet cleaning will appease that inner critic. You may be procrastinating, but at least you’re not enjoying it.  Somehow it helps to know that you are a better person than those who are having fun while they avoid.

Certain religious traditions (note: I’m not naming any one denomination specifically) may generate a higher proportion of those who gravitate to self-flagellation during their blocked periods, but I’m also fairly certain that more than a few atheists find themselves under the pot with an old toothbrush and grout cleaner during their writing time.

One of my students had the reverse dynamic. She abhorred housecleaning even more than writing, and she would intentionally schedule herself to clean the bathroom during the time when she wanted to write. Then she would write to avoid having to clean the toilet.


About David Rasch

Author, psychologist, speaker, teacher, consultant, workshop leader
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