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“Someone takes over and you just copy out what is being said…” Henry Miller

In the book Henry Miller On Writing, Miller describes both his struggle with agonizing writing blocks and ecstatic writing experiences when words came to him as if he was being dictated to. He discussed this dictation in an article in … Continue reading

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Spontaneous writing, free writing, and writing blocks.

Jack Kerouac championed spontaneous prose writing, and legends tell of him putting a roll of paper in his typewriter which he then typed on for countless hours uninterrupted  to write the Beat literature classic, On the Road. His prescription for writing welcomes … Continue reading

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Problems are the norm

Clearly, the personal challenges associated with being a writer are not trivial. In my experience, to have at least occasional problems of some sort with beginning or sustaining writing is more the norm than the exception, even for writers with experience and … Continue reading

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The terrible cry of the blocked writer

“I can only write when deadlines have passed and I feel like there is a gun to my head. Even then it takes enormous effort to make myself do it, and I can only write in intense, long binges where I … Continue reading

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Email: It’s risky for Sara Palin, and for blocked writers

The recent public release of thousands of Sara Palin’s  email correspondences highlights the challenges of the new information age. Who knows what will be discovered in the many boxes of emails that the State of Alaska released? It can’t all … Continue reading

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Imposter Phenomenon and writing blocks

You can take an online test and see if the Imposter Phenomenon (IP) is interfering with your life or writing. Basically the IP describes competent people who feel that they are frauds. Many aspiring and even successful writers carry feelings of … Continue reading

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