The Blocked Writer’s Book of the Dead

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(See TV interview with David Rasch about the book here)

“The Blocked Writer’s Book of the Dead is a guide for those who want to improve their ability to initiate and sustain writing in their daily lives. Writing difficulties are vexing problems that resist change and interfere with professional, creative and personal fulfillment. This book offers solutions to a number of common productivity problems including procrastination, perfectionism, anxiety, fear of criticism, poor time management, imposter feelings and binge writing at deadlines. Written by a psychologist from Stanford University with over two decades of experience assisting writers, The Blocked Writer’s Book of the Dead provides an understandable and practical approach for overcoming writing productivity problems applicable to writers of all types. Dr. Rasch’s thorough knowledge of the writing process, his compassionate understanding of the struggles writers experience, and his sense of humor combine to make this book a unique and valuable contribution to the understanding and successful resolution of writing blocks.”

(description from the book cover)


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